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I’m an Industrial Designer from Medellín, Colombia; Currently working on the future of mobile devices at Google in California.

︎ SF Bay Area
︎ hello@miguelharry.com


M Stool

M is a collection of stools that celebrates the contrast of natural materials and industrial processes. By using CNC machining as the main manufacturing process, this stool proposes an ordinary solution to home and retail sitting along with unique surfacing treatments and a simple construction.

Materials: Ash, Powder Coated Aluminum.
Type: Furniture.
Status: Prototype.
Year: 2018


Moto Zen

By separating the most important functions of a smartphone (communication & photography) into two simple and well considered interactions, Zen simplifies aims to give people their life back. The phone has two sides, one for each function. While idle, the interface disappears to create a worrystone-like object that creates no distractions whatsoever.

Materials: TPU, glass, anodized aluminum.
Type: Electronics / Concept.
Status: Concept.
Year: 2017

This concept does not represent the views of Motorola in any way, and it is done for educational purposes only.


Kafee is the first in a collection of stylish eyewear inspired by Cafe Racer culture. The principles used in building these bikes were kept in mind to create a timeless eyewear piece that speaks to the rebel spirit of riders and spectators alike.

Materials: Stainless Steel, acetate.
Type: Eyewear / Fashion.
Photography:  SPECTR MAGAZINE - Raphael Schmitz / TAVAT.
Status: Production 2018.
Client: Tavat
Year: 2017


Airbnb Reach

Airbnb Reach is a disaster response system based in alternative communication channels that helps people find resources and guidance through difficult times. The system consists in three elements that help people find guidance, connect with others and create community in safe areas.

Type: Concept
Status: Work in progress.
Year: 2017

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