Visual Communication

A collection of works focused on branding and storytelling through digital tools, mainly illustrator. This collection contains 4 different projects ranging from 1 to 3 weeks of duration. 

2017 / Pasadena, CA

Special thanks to:
Kurtis Schureman, Darren Wong.

Geology Rocks:

Designing a set of icons for the subject of Geology. This was a randomly selected topic, one I would have never thought of choosing. I have to say that I enjoyed watching videos of weird dudes unpacking their backpacks and talking over each of their tools for hours. As the weird kid that I was am, I had my own collection of rocks and this was a fun opportunity for me to geek out again on cool looking pieces of dirt and learning about new tools.

Steamed or Nah:

Steamed or Nah is a restaurant concept for a casual dumpling restaurant located in Venice, CA. The brief for this project was to create a logotype for a brand name that was chosen randomly from a list of words by the instructors. The combination of words called for a casual asian inspired restaurant. Steamed...or Nah?

Moto Zen:

Redesigning an object from my childhood. Moto zen is my interpretation of what the motorola U6 PEBL would be in today’s world. Taking a cellphone from 2006 and reimagining how the essential interactions and functionality translate into the present. This project presented a lot of opportunities in terms of creating a new and different user experience as well as rediscovering a form factor that seems to be lost in today’s mobile electronics.


Redesigning my family’s restaurant visualidentity. This was a project I decided to do as my ‘dream project’. I considered this was a great opportunity to refresh and rethink my dad’s restaurant and it’s branding and marketing tactics along with my brother. This was a very personal project, I spent most of my childhood, as well as almost all my birthdays in the restaurant.

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