typographic studies / work in progress

A book-cover exploration series. An ongoing study of composition,
scale, contrast and other visual elements. Displayed are examples of
the advanced stages including varying weights & size points, rules &
shapes and finally color integration.

Type 2: Structure / Weekly Exercises / Spring 2017

Special Thanks to:
Carla Barr & Jon Hsiung.

Tools used:
Ps / InDesign

Stage 6 / Size & Weight Variations


Creating hierarchy and movement with different point sizes and varying weights
in a single composition.

Stage 7 / Rules and Shapes


Integrating geometric shapes such as circles, squares and rules to call for attention in certain elements or create interesting compositions with movement. Playing with assymetry and balance to create a richer story.

Stage 8 / Color


Color used as a tool to create emphasis, or make a composition richer both visually and conceptually.

Stage 8 / Imagery & Photography


Photography and imagery was used to create context and contrast.
Photographs by some of the artists featured in this book were chosen to stay
in the theme of avant-garde design. This stage is still in progress.

Work in Progress...

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