12.06.16 / adidas marble

I've never seen marble on a shoe. Maybe its a good thing? Hahah I know it's a bit ridiculous but it was a fun idea I had while trying the updated version of Procreate late last night. Really liking the update of the app, especially the group layering options and the livestreaming. I hope you could stream to other services though.


11.26.16 / rainy sketch session

I joined my friends on the #helmetchallenge. Some kind of futuristic aviation helmet for this one. Check out the whole story on Artem Smirnov's Behance.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 preset

11.10.16 / adidas designstorm practice

I joined my friends on the #helmetchallenge. Some kind of futuristic aviation helmet for this one. Check out the whole story on Artem Smirnov's Behance.


09.11.16 / #helmetchallenge

I joined my friends on the #helmetchallenge. Some kind of futuristic aviation helmet for this one. Check out the whole story on Artem Smirnov's Behance.


08.28.16 / creativity struggle

If anyone has ever told you that the process of creating something is perfect and rewarding all the time they were probably lying to you. It's been almost impossible for me to create something I'm proud of in the last couple months. I'm just posting this because I know someone out there is probably going through the same thing and the reality is that there's no substitute for mileage and there's nothing you can do except get to work, reevaluate what's wrong and react to it. I'm not happy with the table sketches but hey, I made something today, and in my mind that's a step in the right direction.


08.18.16 / nike waffle 2.0

Quick sketch session with Brandon at Copa Vida. Playing with using random textures and applying them to footwear.
Brandon came up with the ridiculous name haha.


08.13.16 / amazon aroma

Amazon aroma. An extension to amazon's line of voice activated experiences. Create your own ambiance by talking to Alexa.
With aroma you can choose to relax or be focused. Take advantage of aromatherapy with the convenience of amazon's voice technology.

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetProcessed with VSCO with 4 preset

03.29.16 / helmets

Some refinement sketches for my helmet project. Most of these are fairly complicated and futuristic, maybe too expressive for the look I'm really going for so I might have to tone down all the surface changes. Fun photoshop exercise though. Mostly lasso tool with a round hard and soft brush. 


03.15.16 / dj khaled footwear

This was part of my joke/midterm for my visual communication 4 class. Running shoes inspired by DJ Khaled's ridiculous and genius life advice.
DON'T EVER PLAY YOURSELF. #djkhaled #anotherone #mypricewentup


02.10.16 / luna lamp

This week's viscom focused a lot on using 3D and 2D assets to accelerate the design process. The idea of 'remix' taking something that exists and reinterpreting it or repurposing it for a completely different use. This week I used a 3D model I found on grabcad and reused it to make a fun looking lamp.
I like the idea of combining this abstract and futuristic looking parametric structure with an edison lightbulb. 


02.03.16 / minus8 watch

This week for viscom 4 I tried a different style between cartoony and realistic renderings. I recreated one of my favorite watches using mostly the seleccion tool and the lasso tool to create reflections and highlights. Very much inspired by transportation renderings but my style is not yet where I wish it was.


01.22.16 / bang & olufsen / beobrew

A quick exercise for visual communication 4 class. Trying to keep it on the looser side of things. Having fun with different touch points, new interactions, and materials The concept: An homage to the classic design of the braun coffee maker a-la-bang&olufsen.

12.29.15 / spoiler wars

I haven't watched SW episode VII yet so I've been avoiding social media in case there's any spoilers hahah. Made this while rewatching episode III with my brother. Can't wait to see the new movie!


12.09.15 / packing for colombia

A sketch I did before going to Colombia as a packing list of the important items. These are basically all my tools for creating stuff (plus some clothes haha). I've always heard that tools alone won't make you any better (and I agree) but once you've put enough effort and practice in your craft, more advanced tools can push your work even further. A napkin and a pen can go a really long way.


11.20.15 / ipad sleeve ideation

Some ideation sketches on an iPad Pro case I'm working on currently. 100% done in the Paper app, really like how easy it is to put my ideas down in this app.