motorola zen / work in progress

Moto Zen is a double sided device that combines the essentials of a phone and the convenience
of a high end camera in your pocket. Designed for millenials, this new type of device allows the users
to have more meaningful conversations and document their daily lives, distractions-free. 

Visual Communication V / 2-Week Project / Spring 2017

*This project may not reflect the intentions of Motorola. 

Special Thanks to:
Kurtis Schureman & Darren Wong.

Tools used:
Ai / Ps / Procreate

Artboard 112Artboard 112
Artboard 8Artboard 8
Artboard 9Artboard 9
Artboard 10Artboard 10
Artboard 11Artboard 11
Artboard 12Artboard 12
Artboard 13Artboard 13
Artboard 14Artboard 14
Artboard 15Artboard 15
Artboard 16Artboard 16
Artboard 13 copyArtboard 13 copy
Artboard 13 copy 2Artboard 13 copy 2
Artboard 13 copy 3Artboard 13 copy 3
Artboard 13 copy 4Artboard 13 copy 4
Artboard 13 copy 5Artboard 13 copy 5

Work in Progress...

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