faraday future // internship

I had the amazing opportunity of working at
faraday future as their industrial design intern
over the summer of 2016. It was a life changing experience. I got to work with amazingly talented
people in the span of 3 months in their HQ in LA.

Special thanks to:
Leonard Wozniak & Mike de Jung.

FF // Internship Summary

As the industrial design intern I worked on a wide range of projects with various teams such as Engineering, Marketing, Digital Product, and CMF. Some of the projects were part of the vehicle ecosystem and other were aimed to expand upon the brand and the overall experience. I was involved in projects that included:

Vehicle Interior Components / Human-Machine Interface Design
Peripherals & Consumer Products  / Charging Devices, Soft Goods
Conceptual & Branding Pieces / Concept Generation & Graphics

Due to confidentiality aspects & non-disclosure agreements, I am not able to share any of my work until it is released to the public. 

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