arc headphones

Arc is a pair of over-the-ear headphones designed for the youth by the youth.
Inspired by the purity of modernist architecture, arc remove all unnecesary touch
points and create a new, clever way to interact with your music. 

Personal Project / 2016

Collaborative project with:
Calvin Lien

Tools used: 

SolidWorks / Keyshot / Ai / Ps


All about the lifestyle

Arc's form was inspired by modernist architecture, tasteful
fashion statements and simple surfacing details. Designed for
the young by the young, fresh.


No buttons, no clutter.

Arc's unique interaction design is inspired
by Naoto Fukasawa's take on his famous
MUJI CD Player.

Arc uses its single cord to play, pause and skip
tracks on your phone. The knob on the right
side controls the volume.

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